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Edinburgh Airport access road

Edinburgh Airport could be “cut off entirely” as calls have been made for proposals to provide a second access road to pick up the pace. Airport news from Linlithgow Airport taxis , 07576-127097

Edinburgh council housing and economy committee discussed progress for a second access route to the airport to ease the pressure on the current route, which is often clogged up

Kevin Lang highlighted that any progress had so far lacked a “sense of urgency”.

He added: “The road around it has remained virtually unchanged over 30 years.


“I think we should be deeply concerned by the fact that for what is a main gateway in and out of the city, we are probably one major incident away from Scotland’s largest airport being cut off entirely.”

Edinburgh Airport has agreed to offer funding towards a new access road

Council officers said the key to progress was a “three-way dialogue and coming to a solution” with invested parties.

A new Gogar link road is specifically supported within the council’s local development plan and was included in Edinburgh Airport’s 2016 master plan.

But progress has ground to a halt due to slow development of the International Business Gateway and neighbouring sites.

Conservative councillor Cameron Rose said the council should take its share of the blame for the hold-up.

He added: “There’s a perception that the council has dragged its feet.”

The airport has agreed to offer funding towards a new access road.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “The pressures on the road infrastructure around Edinburgh Airport are well documented. Any issue on that infrastructure will cause real problems for those wishing to access or exit the airport.

“We are tackling this head on with a range of partners, including the council. It’s very complex and the need is pressing but we’re determined to ensure this issue is solved as quickly as possible.”